Celebrate a Second New Year

September is the perfect opportunity to celebrate a “second new year,” to step back and reevaluate your priorities.


We’re taking a few weeks off from making full episodes so we can plan season two of the podcast and work on some related projects. We’ll be back with full episodes in early October. But we won’t disappear from your feed in September! We’ll release new minisodes every two weeks on our regular schedule. And we’ll be sending out a simplified newsletter in between episodes, so sign up to stay in the loop.

In each minisode, we are sharing a new Steal This Tip – a simple strategy that’s helping us be more fulfilled, mindful or happy in our daily lives. Our tip this time is: Celebrate a “second new year.”

The beginning of the school year – whether or not you are still in school or have kids in school – feels like a fresh start. When we were younger, we got excited about seeing which friends would be in our class and buying new school supplies.

How are we celebrating a second new year now?

Gill just started reading the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown – which Melia recommended in our recent newsletter. The book is about consciously choosing how we spend our time and energy – instead of automatically saying yes to external requests and letting other people dictate that decision for us.

While reading the book, Gill is revisiting her top three priorities – which we talked about way back in Episode 5: Prioritizing What Matters, Part I and Episode 6: Prioritizing What Matters, Part II. Gill’s priorities are about focusing on health, relationships, and good paid and creative work, but she hasn’t been keeping them top of mind and wants to renew her commitment to them.

Melia is cleaning out the clothes and toys her kids have outgrown. She has taken the step to start weeding them out and collecting them in one area of their closet, but the next step will be to pass them on to a friend with young kids, or donate them to Goodwill.

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