Emerging from Our Cocoons

As we gradually emerge from our pandemic cocoon, fundamentally different from who we were, we reflect on what we want from this next chapter.

We’re both feeling very fortunate and grateful to be among those who have been recently vaccinated. As we re-enter the world and find our new normal, we want to be intentional about what we’re putting back into our lives and what we’re leaving behind. 

Melia geeks out over the process of metamorphosis, which her daughter’s preschool class has been observing. Did you know that caterpillars dissolve themselves into a goo of cells inside the chrysalis, then grow completely new parts to become a butterfly? Nature is wild! 

The magic of this transformation, and the metaphor for reinventing ourselves as we emerge from this phase of the pandemic, blows the mind. Most of us go through major transformations at different points in our lives – shedding our old selves (or at least parts of them) and remaking ourselves into someone new. But this idea feels especially meaningful now, when we’ve literally been cocooning away from the world and re-emerging fundamentally changed. In our case, it’s up to us what those changes will be.

We revisit our minisode from April 2020, “What Do We Carry Forward?” to see how much our lists from that time still resonate with us today.

Get In Touch

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