False Starts & Fresh Starts

Welcome to Semi-Together, a podcast about having some of your life together all of the time.

Hello, and welcome to our first episode! We’re Gillian and Melia, sisters who grew up in California but now live on opposite sides of the world.

Melia, the older sister, lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband, Darren, and two small children. Melia and Darren run a marketing agency and love the strong tight-knit community they have in Jackson. Gill is a self-employed writer living in Barcelona, Spain with her husband, Brian. They moved around quite a bit before are happy to be settled in such a vibrant, fun city.

We call our podcast Semi-Together for two reasons:

  1. We try to stay close even though we live far apart
  2. At any given moment, something in our life is going well and something else is falling apart

We’re starting by exploring the theme False Starts & Fresh Starts.

This is actually our second attempt at making a podcast. We got the idea for it about two years ago, and we were really excited about it. We gave ourselves a crash course on podcasting and recorded several episodes… and then we hit a dip, getting stuck in the editing process.

We let the content we’d created sit neglected for months, both feeling horrible about it. It got to the point where we would avoid talking to each other because we felt so guilty. We knew we were being ridiculous, but it was hard to let go of the work we’d already done.

We finally decided to reframe our initial recordings as a “beta season,” a false start we learned a lot from. Now we’re making a fresh start – and it’s such a relief to move forward.


Get It Together / Got It Together

In this segment, we take turns sharing something in our lives that needs work, and something that’s going well.

Melia’s Get It Together: Getting off track with money management

Gill’s Got It Together: Restarting Spanish lessons


Steal This Tip

In this segment, we share a life hack we’ve come across lately that we hope you can use, too.

Today’s tip is to let go of the “sunk cost fallacy,” the idea that you’ve put so much time, energy or money into something that you should stick with it even if it’s not working. Take a step back and really think about whether you’ll gain anything by continuing down this road. If not, cut your losses and try something else.


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  • Find Melia at meliadicker.com, where you can read about the lessons she’s learning from everyday moments and subscribe to her semi-weekly TinyLetter called “Like I always say”
  • Keep up with Gill on her semi-neglected travel and food blog, Traveling To Taste, and professional website, gillianburgess.com
  • Mint – a free financial tracking app
  • italki – the language tutoring website that’s helping Gill get back on track with Spanish lessons via Skype
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