Making Your Dreams Real with Kristen Ley

Learn how Kristen Ley, founder of Thimblepress, transformed her passions into a successful business – and what advice she has for others for staying joyful and true to themselves as they pursue their own dreams.

Kristen Ley is a creative entrepreneur who lives in Jackson, Mississippi and has grown an international following. Kristen’s studio, Thimblepress, creates a variety of delightful products, from wall art to greeting cards to party goods. Her designs have been featured in places like O, the Oprah Magazine, and even on Lady Gaga’s Instagram – and you can find them in places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.


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When we were brainstorming guests to invite onto Semi-Together, Kristen came to mind right away. She’s a go-getter who has made her big dream happen, creating inspirational art and products for a living.

We were thrilled to have Kristen join us on the podcast. She’s just as positive and encouraging as her creations are, and she also has great practical advice for others pursuing their own goals.

Kristen shares how she took the leap from making art as a hobby to making it into a career, as well as tips on figuring out what you want (not what others expect from you), practicing everyday gratitude and not letting fear dictate your decisions.


Steal This Tip: Kristen Ley Edition

Kristen gives some advice for people who have a big career dream and want to start making it a reality (including those who are figuring it out later in life and may have kids to support, a mortgage to pay and other concerns):

Give yourself the time and space to let that dream blossom and grow. Even if you just spend 30 minutes a day (or less) working on your idea, those minutes will add up over time.

Talk with your friends and family about your dream. This will get the dream out of your head and into the world, where people can support you to make it happen.

A huge thank you to Kristen for joining us! We loved chatting with you, and we are so inspired by you and your work.


Listener Feedback

We love getting listener comments! Here are a few we got recently:

  • Monica made her own 19 for 2019 list of goals (which we talk about in Episode 7: Tighten Up & Lighten Up) and said, “I’m actually very happy I have this written down. Something about putting it in writing makes me hold myself accountable. I’m excited to check some of these off.”
  • Sierra made a list, as well, and she had some great ideas – like “Have some should-free days.” She also had some tips inspired by Episode 9: Change Your Environment to Change Your Habits. She likes to do a crappy first draft and set a timer. “Writing is really editing, right?” she said. “On the forgetting side, I set a slightly ridiculous number of alarm reminders on my phone. And when I notice we need to get something at grocery store I put in on a shared list on Wunderlist right away.”


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