Perfectionism: How We’ve Evolved and Where We’re Still Growing

Heads up that we get a little salty in this episode and use some adult language.

We revisit perfectionism two years after our episode on the topic – sharing how we’ve grown, what we’re still working on, and more strategies for healing perfectionism. 

Perfectionism is a recurring theme of Semi-Together – and the root of many of the things we struggle with, as we learn to show up authentically and treat ourselves with compassion.  

We went back and listened to Episode 25: Perfectionism & Self-Compassion, which we released almost exactly two years ago, to see where we’ve evolved and where we’re still growing. We share: 

  • A quick review of what perfectionism is and why it’s harmful
  • A rising spiral framework to help you evaluate how you dealt with perfectionism in your life in the past, how you deal with it now, and how you hope to in the future
  • Practices that have helped us heal perfectionism – and others backed by research

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