Re-Entering Our Cocoons

We’re learning how to cope with a new chapter of the pandemic — and all the constant uncertainty and stress and change that come with it.

We are so happy to be back with a new season after our summer break. We missed you, and the opportunity to talk things through with each other. Our last minisode at the end of May was called Emerging from Our Cocoons. Welp! How innocent we were. Now we’re halfway back in our cocoons, trying to navigate this weird in-between period. 

We check in on what’s been going on and share five ways to deal with uncertainty and frequent change:

  1. Recognize how far we’ve come.
  2. Pause to name it, feel it, offer yourself compassion.
  3. Find the best way for you to navigate risks – and accept that things will continue to change.
  4. Shift “what if” into “what is.”
  5. Develop a quick, go-to calming practice – or many!

Along with the launch of Melia’s new practice, Rising Spiral Coaching, we introduce a new segment. In Rising Spiral, we each share a challenge that we keep encountering and track our progress on our learning spirals.

Get In Touch

How have you been feeling during this time of navigating how you re-enter our uncertain world, and what is helping you cope?Email us at podcast[at]semitogether.com or send us a voice memo.

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Melia’s self-compassion mantra, said silently with closed eyes, hands on heart, with deep belly breaths. Regular self-compassion breaks are a life-changing habit for more calm and self-kindness.

This is a moment of _______ (suffering, anxiety, fear, stress, frustration).
Every human feels like this sometimes.
May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need.