Relationship Insights from These Pandemic Times, with The Dudes

We bring our husbands, Brian and Darren, back on the podcast to share what we’ve learned about navigating and nurturing relationships during the pandemic.

It’s been a wild ride during pandemic times, with many opportunities (welcome or not!) for us to practice the strategies we talk about on this podcast. Managing relationships in a new way — with coworkers or friends, your family of origin or chosen family — has been important but often challenging, especially when quarantining together at length.

Our husbands, Brian and Darren, are back for their third guest appearance on the podcast (check out earlier appearances in Episode 8 and Episode 21) to talk with us about the biggest challenges, lessons learned, and silver linings during the nearly two years of the pandemic. We discuss the resources and outlets that have kept us (relatively) sane, and what we’d like to carry into the new normal, whenever it emerges.

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