The Dudes

Meet Darren and Brian, Melia and Gill’s husbands and first podcast guests, on this special episode.

We often say that we won the in-law lottery when it comes to our spouses. Gill’s husband, Brian, and Melia’s husband, Darren, have been friends for years – since bonding in freshman graphic design classes at Loyola University New Orleans. We all love hanging out together. And when we want a little sister time, the guys are happy to go off and do their own thing. We couldn’t have planned it better.

After spending the holidays with family and friends in New Orleans this year, Gill and Brian headed up to Jackson with Melia and Darren for a few extra days before returning to Barcelona.

We’re excited to bring the fellas on as our very first podcast guests in a special in-person episode. We tell the story of how we all met, then Brian and Darren give their advice in the segments Livin’ the Dream and Steal This Tip, and each couple shares a Get It Together / Got It Together – something that needs work and something that’s going well.


Livin’ the Dream: Advice for Starting a Business

Both Darren and Brian have successfully started businesses, and we ask them to talk about a practice that has helped them along the way.

Darren: Be intentional about what you do – whether it’s solving a specific problem with your business or setting a certain revenue goal. Also know what your strengths are, and find other people and tools to support you in other areas.

Brian: Test your idea early and often. Start small, and ask for feedback from family and friends. Then make changes, and test it again with a wider audience. Keep asking: Is this the solution people need? Are people willing to pay for this?


Steal This Tip: Dudes’ Edition

Brian and Darren each share a tip that boosts their happiness or productivity.

Brian: Put it down once. This applies to housework – for example, don’t just leave the dirty dish in the sink; rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. But it works for other tasks, too. Do the task to completion, so you don’t have to return to finish it later.

Darren: Make small optimizations to contribute to bigger objectives. Instead of focusing on abstract goal-setting, see how you can make micro-improvements to individual moments. String these together to reach your goals over time.


Get It Together / Got It Together: Couples’ Edition

Melia and Darren’s Get It Together: Paying attention to money management and decluttering around the house
Melia and Darren’s Got It Together: Intentionally building relationships with friends and planning regular hangouts

Gill and Brian’s Get It Together: Letting house projects pile up because they have no real deadline
Gill and Brian’s Got It Together: Collaborating on business plans and setting up new health and wellness routines


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