Wrapping Up the Year & Revisiting Our Goals

The end of 2019 is a couple of weeks away, and next year we start a new decade! We look back on how we’ve done on our 19 for 2019 goals and what we’ll still be working on in 2020.



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Wrapping Up the Year (and the Decade)

At the beginning of the last couple years, we have been inspired by the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast to make 18 for 2018 and 19 for 2019 lists of goals for the year. We strive to find a mix: some habit changes and some one-time actions, some that are just for fun and others that are for our own good.

When we hear about other people’s goals, we get a lot of new inspiration and ideas for our own, so we hope this is useful for you, too. We haven’t checked in with each other about our lists since Episode 19: The Year So Far.

We both have goals we’ve made little or no progress on, but many others we’ve completed or moved forward in big ways. Overall, we feel good about the strides we’ve made this year – and we’re excited to talk about our 20 for 2020 goals in an upcoming episode.

Gill’s 19 for 2019

  1. Renew passport
  2. Sign up for a new CSA (community-supported agriculture) basket
  3. Release 1 product for Semi-Together
  4. Release a Semi-Together episode every 2 weeks
  5. Go to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans
  6. Release 12 new Tipsy Per Tutti pins
  7. Plan trips to at least 2 new places
  8. Schedule 2 medical appointments
  9. Print and change out new photos for hallway
  10. Hang travel photos and art prints
  11. Go to a class at the gym 12x a month
  12. Connect with faraway friends and fam via text at least 1x a week
  13. Journal and/or meditate 3x a week
  14. Make a batch of hard apple cider I’m happy with
  15. Make a batch of bitters
  16. Go on a hike or local adventure 1x a month
  17. Plan a monthly friends get-together in Barcelona
  18. Take on 2 more paid work projects/ clients I’m excited about
  19. Find a new Spanish tutor (or restart lessons with the previous one)

Melia’s 19 for 2019

  1. Make and maintain a budget and bill paying schedule. No late fees.
  2. Sub kid-friendly words for curse words.
  3. Meditate in some form every day, including micro-meditations.
  4. Marie Kondo the house to spark joy and open bandwidth.
  5. Tidy up after myself after each activity and teach the kids to do the same.
  6. De-escalate when angry.
  7. Warm hellos and goodbyes.
  8. Set and stick to bedtimes for the kids and us.
  9. Read or listen to 6 books.
  10. Give full focus and attention to the people and task at hand. Put down the device.
  11. Start a media company with Gill and launch at least 2 products.
  12. Refresh my wardrobe each season so I have what I need.
  13. Decorate for seasons and holidays.
  14. Start the “We’re In It Now” podcast with Darren.
  15. Back up my computer.
  16. Print a photo book of recent highlights and one for the kids with our close family members.
  17. Once a month, schedule a catch-up session with one friend I’ve been out of touch with.
  18. Put Reschool Yourself out into the world in some shape or form.
  19. Stay current on what’s going on in the world every day.

Melia’s latest organizing victory: the gift wrap & seasonal decor closet 

Get It Together / Got It Together

We each share something that’s going well for us at the moment, and something else that we’d like to work on.

Melia Get It Together: Still not arranging her mornings to have enough creative or gym time

Melia Got It Together: Starting holiday prep earlier and scaling it back

Gill’s Get It Together: Letting the apartment get out of control

Gill’s Got It Together: Putting together some fun celebrations for Brian’s birthday

Get In Touch

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