Celebrating Wins and Setting Intentions for the New Year

Instead of setting traditional New Year’s resolutions, we look back at wins from 2023 and areas where we’d like to grow in 2024.

Happy New Year! To celebrate last year’s wins and set intentions for this year, Melia and Gill each share three “Got It Together”s from 2023 and three “Get It Together”s for 2024. That is, three areas where we’ve made meaningful strides, and three areas where we would most like to progress.

Get It Together, Got It Together, is a segment we do in most episodes, where we share something that we’d like to work on and something that’s going well for us right now. We’ve found this framing helpful to remind us that at any given moment, there are things that are working for us as well as things that aren’t. It helps us find the wins – especially on the days where it feels like everything is falling apart – and helps us notice that all of it is constantly shifting.

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