Giving Yourself Real Rest

Define what rest looks like for you, and intentionally make time for it – even just a few minutes at a time.  

What feels restful to you? Some of us are so accustomed to doing and striving that we’re not quite sure anymore. Still, our minds and bodies need real rest to function, especially when we’re under stress. Coming off a restful week together in Spain, we discuss how to identify what renews your energy and carve out time for it. 

We share four steps you can take to create more space for rest in your life:

1. If it’s a challenge for you to take rest seriously, commit to reconditioning yourself and prioritizing it within your current circumstances.

We realize that those of us with young children, overactive minds, or other life challenges may struggle to rest enough, and that’s real and valid. And we can make “less stress, more rest” a goal that we’re taking steps toward on the daily.

2. Define what rest looks like for you and what you need to recharge right now.

This can look different from person to person. It will also vary depending on your level of busyness and stress in this season of life, or current lifestyle factors like whether you travel for work or work from home.

3. For a shared period of down time or trips with a group, communicate your hopes and expectations (even for weekends and holidays).

Go over what you each hope to do, such as how much activity and what – if anything – you hope to accomplish. Edit down to the essentials (take your list and cut it in half, as Gill and Brian often attempt to do!).

4. Find or make time for little pockets of rest throughout your regular days and weeks.

Work in timed sprints, and take breaks in between for biological needs, recharging, and boosting your dopamine. Grab pockets of rest when and where you can. For example, one of our friends sits in her car for a few minutes after dropping her kids off at school and takes a moment to eat a bagel in peace.

Get outside to ground yourself, take a walk, and be in nature – even if you’re just looking at a few trees in a city park. As Mel Robbins says, “Be where your feet are.”

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