How Do We Navigate Difficult Anniversaries? with Tara Blumenthal

We talk with Tara Blumenthal, owner of Tara Yoga Movement and Wellness Clinic and self-proclaimed recipient of the Lifetime Griever Achievement Award, about how we recognize difficult anniversaries.

In this episode, we discuss how to acknowledge (vs “celebrate”) emotionally complex anniversaries of life-altering challenges, like serious illness or loss. How do we process these events? What kinds of rituals help us through the peaks and valleys that accompany them? The second anniversary of Gill’s cancer diagnosis just passed in late January, and this topic has been on our minds.  

We talk with Tara Blumenthal, owner of Tara Yoga Movement and Wellness Clinic, about her experiences moving through difficult anniversaries. We’ll also share some insights from our Semi-Together patrons and other loved ones who’ve been through their own challenging anniversaries.

*Note that this episode contains mature language and deals with complex topics like major illness and death, with a brief mention of self-harm.

About Tara

Tara Blumenthal is the owner of Tara Yoga Movement and Wellness Clinic, and the drummer for Mellow Kiss Royals, alongside her husband on bass. Playfully awarding herself the Lifetime Griever Achievement Award, one of her superpowers is speaking candidly about her extensive grief timeline, noting that it rolls out longer than a kid’s Christmas wishlist. 

She has been a yoga and movement educator for over 20 years. Tara loves connecting through music, and freely shares that playing the drums is an essential part of her therapy/self-care. Tara has a new book coming out this year, on her 40-plus years grieving, and her band has a new album coming out this year. She loves her family, the Foo Fighters, cats, and hula hooping – in no particular order, but not all at the same time. 

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