Mindfulness in Tough Times, with Dr. Megan Clapton

We interview Dr. Megan Clapton, a licensed professional counselor and the founder of Mindful Therapy, about mindfulness, resilience, and coping techniques to get us through difficult times.  

Dr. Megan Clapton is just the person we want to talk to right now, and we’re so grateful for this conversation with her. In her practice, Megan uses mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients develop positive coping skills. build resilience and increase self-efficacy. During the COVID-19 quarantine, she’s been meeting with clients virtually and sharing tips on social media about finding calm during this difficult time.

Megan talks about what mindfulness is and how practicing it in small ways can help us through moments of stress and anxiety. She describes mindfulness as both a philosophy and a practice: paying attention and being fully present in whatever we’re doing, and using breathing and meditation techniques to stay in the moment.

Megan shares strategies and lessons learned from a tough personal experience – being in medical isolation with a serious illness – that are relevant for all of us right now. She encourages us to ride the emotional waves, feeling all the feelings, getting curious about them, and knowing that they’re temporary.

She says that she strives to connect with her mind, body, spirit, and others every day – which inspired Melia to make herself a grown-up work plan around those four elements. Megan also talks about finding balance, looking for spots of joy during suffering, and giving yourself permission to do what feels right in each moment.

Download Melia’s work plan

Steal This Tip: Dr. Megan Clapton Edition

The simple 4-7-8 breath is something I use a lot in my practice. It’s a wonderful way to start mindful breathing or meditation, and you can practice it any time. It’s good for the mind because it can distract you from whatever is going on, and it’s good for the body because it allows oxygen to get into your blood.

Breathe in for four seconds through your nose and hold it for seven seconds. And then breathe slowly out of your mouth for eight seconds with a whooshing sound.

Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your wisdom, Megan!

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